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Sandys Parish, Bermudes Guide de voyage

Sommaire de Sandys Parish


  • Its tranquil bays make it the best area in Bermuda for families with kids
  • Wide range of accommodation options, from upscale to mid-range
  • Home to the world's smallest drawbridge (22 inches)
  • Beautiful landscape dotted with colorful houses and rolling hills
  • Beautiful Somerset Long Bay and charming Somerset Village
  • Wonderful views from the Railway Trail and Fort Scaur
  • Sleepy, quiet villages and nature reserves -- sparsely populated
  • Uncrowded beaches


  • Isolated, on the western end of the archipelago (but charming)
  • 45-minute ferry ride or 30-minute drive from the City of Hamilton
  • Sprawling area means you'll have to drive everywhere (just like in the rest of Bermuda)
  • Royal Naval Dockyard is where cruise ships dock and can be too touristy and crowded at times

What It's Like

Sparsely populated Sandys Parish sits on the far western part of Bermuda, and is one of its most beautiful areas, with nature reserves, tranquil bays and colorful houses dotting the rolling hills. It is home to some interesting sights, such as the world's smallest drawbridge (which you might miss since there are no signs), Fort Scaur, and Somerset Village, a tiny, charming town with a handful of stores and a ferry station.

Despite its isolation, the Royal Naval Dockyard, once the base of the Royal Navy, is one of the most touristy places in Bermuda. It is where all cruise ships stopping in Bermuda dock. This means you might find crowds and a few tourist traps, but also a wide array of restaurants and bars, and a few attractions, including the Bermuda Maritime Museum and the Bermuda Arts Center.

One of the archipelago's most interesting natural wonders (besides the stunning beaches and coves) is the Railway Trail, which follows the now abandoned tracks of the Bermuda Railway line. The section that runs through Sandys Parish is arguably the most beautiful, with spectacular panoramic views and great picnic spots.

If your time in Bermuda is limited or you don't have a moped, you might want to skip this part of the archipelago, but it is certainly worth a visit and possibly the best area for families with kids, since it is protected from currents and waves, and the beaches are mostly empty.

Where to Stay

Sandys Parish is home to some of Bermuda's most upscale hotels, but it also offers a wide array of mid-range accommodations and charming cottages. For easy access to the stunning beaches of Southampton Parish stay close to the Somerset Bridge. For proximity to the tranquil bays, choose a hotel in or around Somerset Village -- But if you want to be within walking distance of restaurants, bars and the ferry terminal, you will probably find the Dockyard convenient.

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